Using honey to grow cannabis. Why and how?

Ever heard of using honey to improve the growth of your cannabis? As it might sound strange, this natural product has some awesome properties that could help your plant to grow better (in multiple ways). Honey can be used as fertilizer but it’s also a very usefull tool when you’re cloning or rooting your plant. Next to that is organic which is always a good thing!

A lot of people like honey. The sweet, yellow liquid straight from nature that adds a great taste to your tea or pancakes. Next to that it offers some great medicinal benefits for us as human beings. But did you ever thought it could be great tool to improve your  cannabis plants?

Honey has two major benefits when it comes to growing cannabis. Next to the fact it could make your crops a little bit sweeter, it could also be used as an effective fertilizer and root stimulant. Honey should only be used in the beginning and final stage of your growth cycle. In this article we explain why!

Make sure that you only use honey which is 100% pure and natural. Some brands add corn syrup or other chemicals that could harm your plants.

Honey as a root stimulant

Stimulating the growth of roots is especially important when your cloning a plant. Cloning is when you have a plant you like, and make a genetically copy out of it by cutting of a small, fresh side branch. However for this cutting to be a new plant it requires some good working roots.

When growing cannabis, roots are a very important aspect. They lead fresh water and nutrients to the rest of your plant so without them, a plant couldn’t stay alive. Next to that, the roots have a great influence on your final product, so healthy roots will improve the quality and size of your crops.

To produce new roots, a plant requires a special hormone that activates the rooting process. Plants are capable to produce this hormen themselves. So when you put the rootless cutting in a glass of water, it should grow new roots after a while. However it’s possible that this won’t be enough for a cannabis clone. If you want them to grow faster and be healthy, you could need some help from a root stimulator.

The most common rooting hormones in a plant are auxins and Indole acetic acid (IAA, which is produced endogenously). When buying a commercial root stimulator, there is a small chance you’d find one of these hormones. They rather use a synthetic hormone like indolebutyric acid (IBA) or naphthaleneacetic acid (NAA). As they might work pretty well, it often occurs that they have a short shelf-life. Next to that there is this thing that most growers don’t want to expose their plants to chemicals.

Thats when the honey comes in! As it doesn’t contain any chemicals (Organic) it could be used as a safe root stimulant or as an addition to a synthetic hormone/product. Next to that is has some major antibacterial and antifungal properties (Thats why it helps with a soar throat). Which is pretty helpfull/required as roots are very vulnerable to bacteries and fungus (because of their moist environment under-ground).

Next to that, they believe that honey contains special enzyms which encourage the growth of new and existing roots. This will boost the amount and size of their roots. They based this idea on the difference in roots when growing with/without honey. Another benefit of using honey as a grow stimulant is the fact that honey has a long shelf-life. With one jar you can do a long time.

How to?

Now you know the facts about honey as a root stimultor, you probably asking yourself on how to actually start using it. Well it’s quite simple: Cut yourself a nice fresh clone and dip the “wound” of your cut in some honey. make sure the wound is fully couted and place the clone in a grow medium. Keep your clone in a very moist environment and after 7-14 days, your roots will start to grow in a safe and healthy way!

Honey as a fertilizer

As told before: Honey should only be used in the beginning and final stage of your growth cycle. When rooting, your plant is definitly in the beginning phase and after that it takes a while before you should grab your honey jar again. Once your plant is fully grown and in blooming phase, you could add som honey again. This time in the soil of your plant.

Before I tell you why and how to apply the honey, it’s important to know that you should be carefull with the amount of honey you’ll use. Overloading the soil with honey is very bad and wil lead to a damaged, unhealthy plant. 

Honey contains lots of glucose. But a plant won’t need glucose as a nutrition because they simply produce it themselves due photosynthesis. However: The soil that your plant lives in doesn’t produce it and that is why honey could help as a fertilizer. Soil contains lots of microflora (bacteries and fungus) that are very important for your plant. Adding a very small amount of honey to your soil could give it a huge boost and keep it healthy.

How to?

As too much glucose could harm your plant, the trick to succes is using the perfect dose of honey that you’ll add to the soil. In this case, using raw honey is too much and “powerfull”. For a healthy and balanced soil you should dissolve 5-15ML honey to 1 Gallon of water. Onced mixed well, you should use to to water your plant. Don’t use as much water as you would normally do, take a little less and use your “honey-mix” just one time in the blooming phase.


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