When and How to Flush Marijuana Plants

When you initially begin in the cannabis industry as a marijuana grower, the term ‘flushing’ is something that may not be as familiar to you as it would for an experienced person. And don’t worry; ‘flushing’ is not like you do when you use the toilet. It is a system that cannabis growers use to when they discontinue the feeding of nutrients to their marijuana plants. In that case, the grower will only give water to the marijuana plants. It is an easy process as it sounds. But, the grower has to know exactly when to flush as well as how frequently. And this is a skill that growers have to refine. Let’s now look at when this flushing should take place.

The Time For Flushing

Flushing your marijuana plants should be done on three main instances namely:

  • When nutrient is locked out
  • During the pre-harvest period
  • During the transitioning of the growth and feeding cycles

If you follow these guidelines then you will know for sure when to flush your marijuana plants. Let’s take a look now at the growth phases of a cannabis plant.

Growth Phases

Marijuana plants do have a variety of needs as it relates to nutrients and this takes place throughout the multiple growth phases. The plant needs something different while in its vegetative phase than in its flowering phase. During the transition period, make sure that you clear out the used nutrients. This will help to propel the plant’s passage into the flowering stage. It is pretty much like the person who wants to change their diet. That person might fill up the refrigerator with healthy foods, but if the old food is not removed, the refrigerator might not be able to fit both old and new foods. However, when you get rid of the old food, you will begin to clear the way to start afresh. Let’s look at the ideal nutrients during the growth phase.

Locking Out Nutrients

You cannot overly feed your marijuana plants because they have to get the right pH level. Locking out the nutrients can also stress out your marijuana plants. This could cause a buildup of salt or pH levels that helps with the prevention of absorption. When nutrients buildup, it causes a lockout and so the plant is unable to access the nutrients.

By flushing the marijuana plants, it removes the excessive salt buildup and at the same time restoring the pH balance in the soil. What does this do? It allows the garden to continue the absorption of nutrients and begin to grow at a rate that is healthy and good.

The Pre-Harvest

Pre-Harvest is another category that introduces the final flushing technique, which is mandatory prior to harvesting. When this happens, it forces your marijuana plants to use up the stored nutrients during the final weeks of harvesting. If the nutrient reserve is not utilized or broken down by the plant, it will only affect the harvest’s quality. This means that the flavor and smoke won’t be up to par.

Final Thoughts

Flushing involves just running some pure water through the medium or soil. When you want to prevent a nutrient lockout or switch your nutrients, it is best to do a flush by watering your marijuana plants excessively. Make sure the water has a pH level of 6.5 maximum or 5.5 minimum, especially if you are using a hydroponics facility. Saturate your pots completely and repeat the process after fifteen minutes. By doing the flushing you will clear all the blockages, making room for a fresh feeding cycle or schedule.


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