BioBizz Bio Grow

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You can apply this liquid growth fertilizer to most types of soil and substrate mixtures. It has 100% organic Dutch sugar beet extract at its base – commonly known as vinasse.

This by-product of turning sugar beets or sugar cane into sugar is created by a natural fermentation process. Starches in the sugar are then treated with enzymes to produce glucose that, along with other plant nutrients, help produce a rich food source for soil microbes, boosting their populations for a more productive soil.

The natural sugars and potassium in Bio·Grow activate the bacterial flora in the substrate to guarantee you a delicious harvest!


General Information

  • BioBizz Bio-Grow is a top-quality and high-performance base nutrient;
  • The fertilizer is made for most hydroponic substrate mixtures and soil;
  • The formula is suitable for the vegetative and late blooming stages;
  • The fertilizer contains organic and natural ingredients including Potassium, Nitrogen, 70 trace elements, and vitamins. The NPK ratio is 4-3-6.

Added Benefits

  • The formula is 100% organic;
  • The nutrient activates and sustains the development of beneficial bacteria in the growing substrate;
  • Most effective for plants growing in the soil;
  • Delivers healthy and greener plants;
  • Establishes a strong foundation for powerful blooming and fruiting;
  • Protects your plants against diseases and pathogens;
  • Compatible with most irrigation systems;
  • It's a tonic for plants in the flowering and fruiting phases;
  • It's also suitable for use as a foliar spray.

Additional information


500ml, 1L, 5L, 10L


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