BioBizz Top Max

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Three excellent reasons to use this 100% organic flowering stimulator…

First, it contains ingredients that can help increase the actual size and weight of the flower clusters.

Second, nutrient uptake is improved.

And third, plants grown with Top·Max result in sweeter, smooth tasting crops.

How it activates the flow of nutrients is essentially down to how it’s able to free up the minerals calcium, iron, and magnesium, in the soil, which stimulate the plant’s metabolism.


General Information

  • Top-Max is a powerful additive, made at the highest quality standards;
  • The additive contains natural and organic ingredients including micronutrients, fulvic and humic acids. The NPK ratio is 0.1-0.001-0.1;
  • Top-Max is suitable to use with plants growing in the soil;
  • The formula is made for use during the flowering stage.

Added Benefits

  • The product is easy to use;
  • It's a certified organic product;
  • Delivers large and dense flowers;
  • Increases Brix levels;
  • Enhances the natural flavours and aromas of your plants and promotes the production of essential oils;
  • Delivers tastier and heavier fruits;
  • Made at the highest BioBizz quality standards;
  • Stimulates the colonization of the root-zone with beneficial microbes.

Additional information


500ml, 1L, 5L


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