CannaBiz BioPhos Repro 1L

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BioPhos Repro biological phosphate Plant Stress Management (BLOOM)
BioPhos Reproductive is a water-soluble biological phosphate Plant Stress Management product and has been specifically formulated for efficient uptake through the leaves of your plants.

The water-soluble phosphorous is highly available and results in a raised plant energy level due to the specific support of ATP formation in the plants which results to strong growth stimulation and efficient energy supply for metabolic processes.

Sufficient potassium to ensures regulation the opening and closing of stomata and therefore regulates CO2 uptake which is essential for photosynthesis. Potassium additionally triggers the activation of enzymes and is essential for the production of Adenosine Triphosphate ATP.

Potassium increases a plants tolerance to many stresses, including drought. Potassium promotes increased root development and thicker cell walls which promotes resilience to pests and decease.

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Nitrogen (N) 13 g/kg

Phosphorous (P) 21 g/kg

Potassium (K) 78 g/kg

Zinc*(Zn) 163 mg/kg

Iron* (Fe) 241 mg/kg

Manganese* (Mn) 108 mg/kg

Copper* (Cu) 106 mg/kg

Boron (B) 28 mg/kg

Molybdenum (Mo) 31 mg/kg

Amino Acids 0.5%

Auxins (Kelp) 1.8 mg/L

Cytokinins (Kelp) 0.005 mg/L

Product Properties:

S.G: 1.2 ± 0.1

pH: 6.5 ± 0.1

Appearance: Light green

BioPhos Repro is available in: 1 Liter & 5 Liter

Store in a cool, dry place, at optimal temperatures of 13ºC – 25ºC out of direct sunlight.




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