CannaBiz LiquiCompost 1L

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LiquiCompost phyto-fulvic acid and micro-nutrient (GROW)
LiquiCompost is an organic Phyto-Fulvic acid chelated macro and micro-nutrient product that is soluble in water. LiquiCompost helps with the uptake of nutrients due to the chelating properties of fulvic acid. This, in turn, promotes faster germination and stimulates the root zone allowing fast root and shoot development. The fulvic acid and Kelp content also stimulates microbial activity within the soil. Additionally, due to strong chelating characteristics, it neutralizes mineral nutrients in the ground, assisting with managing and preventing insoluble salts from building up in the soil. LiquiCompost will obtain the minerals in a water-soluble form for maximum uptake.

LiquiCompost organic fertilizer contains Ecklonia Kelp which promotes cell division and translocation of nutrients within the plant and encourages lateral root development.

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Nitrogen (N) 25.8 g/kg

Phosphorous (P) 2.2 g/kg

Potassium (K) 6.2 g/kg

Magnesium (Mg 0.1 g/kg

Zinc (Zn) 135 mg/kg

Iron (Fe) 115 mg/kg

Manganese (Mn) 53 mg/kg

Copper (Cu) 61 mg/kg

Boron (B) 251 mg/kg

Molybdenum (Mo 160 mg/kg

Cobalt (Co) 31 mg/kg

Nickel (Ni) 33 mg/kg

Ecklonia Kelp 1.805 mg/kg

Phytofulvic Acid 12%

Product Properties:

S.G: 1.22 ± 0.1

pH: 4.4 ± 0.1

Appearance: Dark Brown thick Liquid


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