Plant Elixir DKP + HA

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Use once a week as part of normal watering process. Alternate weekly with UCAL + FA for best results.

Standard dilute 20/40 ml per 1000 ml water
Pot Plants dilute 5/10 ml per 1000 ml water

Can be mixed with additional nutrients.

2 Litre Bottles

Please allow 2 – 4 business days for processing and delivery.

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Plant Elixir DKP + HA is a mix of dipotassium phosphate (DPK) and Humates. The dipotassium phosphate is an effective base fertilser and a source of phosphorus and potassium, helping plants develope healthy, green stems and strong - developed flowers. Humic Acid aids with nutrient transfer and soil conditioning.

N 2.6 g/kg
P 38.6 g/kg
K 86.9 g/kg

Humic Acid 8%

PH 5.35 (undiluted)

Trace Elements

Calcium 0.01 g/kg
Magnesium 0.01%
Sodium 237.86 mg/kg
Sulfur 0.16%
Iron 612.67 mg/kg
Manganese 14.45 mg/kg
Copper 2.13 mg/kg
Zinc 5.22 mg/kg
Boron 6.63 mg/kg
Molybdenum 0.34 mg/kg

The Fulvates in Plant Elixir DPK + HA  are derived from a natural source and small variations in trace elements should be expected.

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