Eazy Plugs Plug n Grow Trays

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Eazy Plug, with its organic materials and special way of bonding, have a predetermined pH and EC value along with fixed air-to-water ratio. The Eazy Plug is very easy to use with 100% success rate! Just make sure that the plug always can drain the excess water and you cannot overwater it. Because the growing conditions are always optimal, the Eazy Plug creates a very fast and powerful rooting and germination.


Germinating Seeds and/or Cuttings:

Fully moisten the plug and put your seed in the seed hole. Put a thin layer of Eazy Mixx top-layer soil on top of the plug and spray thoroughly with water. Make sure the plug can drain excess water and put it away in a humid and warm environment. No rooting gel or powder is necessary.

Then wait to see the miracle happening. It is that simple!

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6 Plugs, 12 Plugs, 66 Plugs, 77 Plugs


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