EcoBuz HumiGro Soil Conditioner

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Humigro by EcoBuz is a granular carbon-based soil conditioner.

Humate granules are produced from extracts of ancient leonardite deposits, formed from the long-term breakdown of prehistoric vegetative matter.

This unique material is a rich source of carbon and complex nutritional elements, with valuable soil conditioning properties.

Carbon forms the basis of soil fertility by:

  • Releasing nutrients to support plant growth.
  • Feeding beneficial micro-organisms in the soil.
  • Promotes soil health and structure.
  • Creates a buffer against harmful substances.
  • Enhances fertiliser efficiency.

Directions For Use:

  • Dilute 5g of Humigro granules into 5l of water and mix well.
  • Apply Humigro as a drench during bed preparation and when planting.
  • Can also be mixed with fertiliser at a rate of 50g per kg.
  • Can also be treated as a granular application, sprinkled onto the soil at 50g per m2 and then watered after.
  • Natural product.
  • Will not burn or harm the soil if over-applied.
  • Contains humic acid

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