Green House Powder Feeding Calcium

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Powder Feeding Calcium by Green House is an additive used in your nutrient mix when you’re working with 0.0 EC water, which is distilled, osmosis or rain water, which lacks calcium.

Powder Feeding Calcium is used to give your plants a quality mineral that they’ll need once they begin flowering – if your plants have a calcium deficiency during the flowering period, you’ll definitely notice it.


Dosage and how to use:


  • Add 0.3g per liter of nutrient solution for small plants, saplings or recently rooted cuttings.
  • Add 1g per liter once your plants are adults, such as mother plants or plants during the flowering period.
  • Add 1.5g per liter during the fattening period, which is when they need calcium the most.
  • Mix immediately after adding to the water to increase efficiency.


  • Dissolve 0.5g per liter of water and spray the top and bottom of the leaves.
  • A table spoon is about 2g of powder.


  • EDTA Calcium Chelates
  • Magnesium

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