Clip On LED Grow Light

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Achieve absolute perfection with this must-have Clip-On Grow Light.

Complete with built-in timer for Indoor plants as well as an auto on/off switch, this dimmable light with base clip will make your growing life a breeze. Get started on anything and everything from vegetables to flowers, even succulents and seedlings.

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High Brightness 20W LED plant lamp helps to accelerate the growth of different plants for all stages. The 6pcs Red LEDs are best for flowering and fruits. And the 4pcs Blue LED are Best for Promoting Stem and leaf growth.
360  rotatable adjustable arm, you can easily turn in any direction and adjust the distance between the lamp and the sump.


1. Source Efficiency: 20W (10PcsX2W High Brightness LED Chip)
Drive Efficiency: 15V1A , Safe voltage,Super Energy Saving, Electricity Savings Cost!
2. LED Color: Red (620-630nm 6pcs) ; Blue(460nm 4pcs)
3. Body material: Aluminum lamp cup + Metal Hose + Metal clip


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