Freedom Farms Kelp 1L

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Freedom Farms Kelp Nutrient.

A bio-fertiliser, plant stimulant and soil conditioner. Kelp contains essential plant macro- and micro- elements as well as plant growth regulators.

Kelp has benefits for both soil and plant and can be applied throughout the plant’s life cycle.

Size: 1L

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Shake well before use.
Mix 5ml to 1 Litre Water.

Uses: Ideal for soil application and foliar spray

Soil application:

3 ml/L After transplanting young seedlings into new soil

2 ml/L once per week to maintain benefits

3 – 5 ml/L once per week during flowering (higher doses may induce early ripening)

Foliar application:

2 ml/L twice per week for stressed plants

1 ml/L every second day for propagation cuttings

1 Litre Bottle


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