Mantis Fabric Grow Pots

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For optimum root performance and the healthiest grow around, look no further than these Fabric Pots by Mantis.

These breathable pots ensure you will never overwater your plants again.

Fabric Pots ensures that your plants makes fibrous roots that will uptake nutrients more efficiently and will grow more healthy.

Bigger roots, bigger fruit.


Our Grow Bags are made out of Geotextile Fabric with added UV Stabilizers.

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5 Litre Velcro Grey, 5 Litre Velcro Brown, 10 Litre Grey, 10 Litre Black, 10 Litre Brown, 20 Litre Grey, 20 Litre Grey Velcro, 20 Litre Black, 20 Litre Brown, 40 Litre Grey, 40 Litre Brown, 10 Litre Low Stress Grey, 10 Litre Low Stress Brown, 20 Litre Low Stress Grey, 20 Litre Low Stress Brown, 40 Litre Low Stress Grey, 40 Litre Low Stress Brown


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