PLANT!T 24 Site Aeroponics Cloning System

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Achieve massive root mass in no time!

Place the cuttings into the system with no rockwool cubes or blocks. The plants are fed through a fine water and nutrient spray. Also, nutrients are absorbed through the roots, as they grow. Your plants will uptake increased levels of nutrients and you’ll notice surges in development.

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  • The cuttings are placed into the propagator without rockwool cubes or blocks;
  • A fine water and nutrient spray feeds the plants;
  • The bare roots are exposed as the plants grow and nutrients are delivered to the plants' roots;
  • The kit contains an aeroponic propagator, neoprene clone collars, a pump, net pots, a delivery tube, trays, tank lids, and a sprinkler system;
  • You can add propagation lights for accelerated growth.


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