PLANT!T Round Fabric DirtPot

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The PLANT!T Round Dirt Pot is a reusable and affordable pot made for any budget. The fabric pot allows for air pruning and sustains strong crop development. It’s made of breathable fabric and sustains excellent root development. The soft-sided structure of the planter allows it to adapt to any surface. The planter’s reinforced seams and strong fabric ensure that it can sustain heavy crops.


General Information

  • Reusable fabric pot made for any budget;
  • Allows for air pruning;
  • Breathable fabric that helps promote rich root development;
  • Available sizes: 11L, 17L & 26L

Added Benefits

  • Reliable;
  • Reusable;
  • Supports heavy crops

Additional information


11L, 17L, 26L


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