RAM Oscillating Multi Fan 180mm

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The RAM oscillating Multi Fan – 180mm (7″) – 20W is a flexible and versatile air circulation fan with a range of applications. The unit includes a clip on, which means you can place it on flat surfaces or hang it from a wall. You can also clip it to a horizontal shelf in the grow room or hang it from vertical poles, with diameters between 16 and 25mm. The unit has 2 speeds and it comes with a 1.4 metres power lead. The impeller size is 180mm (7″), the power consumption is 20W and it runs on a voltage of between 220 and 240 V/ 50-60 Hz.

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  • The unit includes a clip on;
  • It's a top-quality RAM air circulation fan;
  • The oscillating fan comprises a 180mm (7") impeller;
  • The unit runs on a voltage of 220-240V/ 50-60 Hz.


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