RAW 5 Stage RAWKET Cone

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Get ready to blast off with this ultimate RAW 5 Stage Rawket cone pack from our trusty friends at RAW! Each of these cones are made with RAW’s all natural unbleached hemp rolling paper, and all feature the anti-run watermark that makes RAW a cut above the rest. This pack includes 5 different sized cones from 1 1/4 up to “Supernatural” sized cones that measure in at 12″ long! So no matter the event, or how many people join your sesh, you’ll have the perfect cone for any situation!

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Included in the Pack

Raw Cone 1 1/4 - 84mm (Tip: 24mm)
Raw Cone King Size - 109mm (Tip 20mm)
Raw Cone Peacemaker (7 inches) - 140mm (Tip: 30mm)
Raw Cone Emperador (9 inches) - 180mm (Tip: 50mm)
Raw Cone Supernatural (12 inches) - 280mm (Tip: 78mm)


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